Romain Pouclet

Extracting checklists from Bear notes with Swift

Bear has been my favourite writing app both on iOS and macOS for the past 6 months. If you’re looking for a reason to switch to Bear, I covered what I loved about it on Twitter. Instead, let’s talk about a tool I made to extend my use of Bear: TeddyList.

Making new friends with Glitch and Workflow

Every attendee at the San Francisco DroidCon was wearing a badge with their contact information available as a QRCode. This is super convenient when you meet someone with whom you want to follow-up in the future. Buddybuild had a booth, and we met a lot of cool people.

I made an Android app for Buddybuild

I bought a Nexus S a few years ago. It was a more than decent upgrade from my Blackberry Bold and I used it for a year. I even started dabbling with mobile development before moving to Montréal. Last week, I made an application for Android.

Synchronizing colours from an Xcode project to a Sketch document

Batman is an application that lets you create tasks in Asana. Each task belongs to at least one project. You can associate a project to a colour from a finite list. When I dabbled with Sketch to decide on a design for Batman, I needed those colours.

Introducing Batman

We use Asana at buddybuild and I like it. Asana is a lot like Trello but gives you the ability to reference tasks across projects. There is an official client for iOS, but I wanted something dedicated to creating tasks. That’s why I made Batman.