Looking for projects using ReactiveCocoa?

ReactiveCocoa is a great project that’s been around for a few years now. I’ve had the opportunity to use it on a few differents projects and to this day it remains my FRP libray of choice. Rewatch, an iOS application I recently shipped, uses it as well as Bailiff, a mac application I started to experiment with MVVM, flow controllers and fancy stuff like that.

The RAC community is always super helpful, as you can see with the question label on the GitHub repository. The only issue I had with ReactiveCocoa was finding other projects using it so I could look at new ways to work with it. I figured I wasn’t the only one so I created a project call “Racurated”. The idea is to list projects with a quick description and a few highlights (using MVVM, CoreData, etc.).

The website officially became part of the RACCommunity organisation and is available here. If you have or know a project that uses ReactiveCocoa, pull requests are more than welcome!