Introducing Batman

We use Asana at buddybuild and I like it. Asana is a lot like Trello but gives you the ability to reference tasks across projects. There is an official client for iOS, but I wanted something dedicated to creating tasks. That’s why I made Batman.

Batman Logo


Batman is a very simple iOS application that opens on a textview and let you create an issue. Write a first sentence as the title of the task, write extra text to add notes to this task.


I decided to encourage people to install Batman using buddybuild. I made this app to fill a need I had and it didn’t make sense to add a complex authentication flow just for me. That’s why the application does not use OAuth and requires a device variable or an environment variable to inject a personal token.

What’s next

The app is open-source (under the MIT license) so feel free to install it and contribute. There are a few more things I want to experiment with and this app, while useful to my daily job, will be a great sandbox.