Constant nagging holding up real progress?

Mobile development is a constantly evolving discipline. What if you could save time and focus on the things that really matter: shipping beautiful and stable apps?

Are you tired…

…of people interrupting you during your day because they aren’t running the right version of your app?

Stop dealing with that gentle tap on your shoulder when a coworker asks you to install the latest version on his or her device. What if you could automatically distribute your application via you own AppStore? What if you could write your own? Custom Store

…of not knowing in which version a bug was found, and if you fixed it or not?

There is nothing worse than being re-assigned a bug for something that you just fixed. What if you could help your QA engineer make your life easier by clearly showing which version of the app he or she is currently running?

…of taking a whole afternoon to submit to the app store?

Taking tens of snapshots of the same screens for multiple locales is tedious. I’m not even talking about entering the metadata, archiving the app, uploading the build in iTunes Connect… And doing so multiple time because the changelog

Imagine a world where:

  • All your builds are clearly marked in your app icon. Your boss knows when he’s running a beta and he doesn’t bug you when it crashes.
  • Your QA team gets new builds delivered to them every morning.
  • Bugs are easier to track and verify.
  • Your apps get deployed to the App Store automatically, without your intervention

If your development process needs more automation, this might interest you!

I want to teach you how to:

  • Set up automated builds
  • Set up OTA distribution
  • Deliver your app to the app store automatically, without wasting your time clicking through menus

And most importantly, I want to teach you all the best practices you NEED TO KNOW in order for this system to be robust, flexible and unintrusive.

Who am I?

My name is Romain Pouclet, and I wrote the book on Continuous Integration (Seriously, I did. It’s right over here). I’m an iOS developer living in Montreal and I have an about page if you want to know more.

Here is what people said about it:

By Jason on December 13, 2014 (⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑)

Read if you are serious about improving app quality

Really great info for getting a CI environment up and running. The book explains installing and setting up several CI tools in detail and also goes into how to configure build settings and schemes with Xcode projects. I bought a Mac Mini and installed OSX Server for Yosemite to use Xcode Bots with all of my app projects and was up and running really quickly with this book.

By Terenn on January 17, 2015 (⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑)

You’ll also find a nice introduction to Xcode bots

There’s a real lack of information about CI for iOS, so this book is basically a life saver if you need to set up this kind of thing. The author gives a fairly comprehensive view of all the products and tools available, from command line utilities to online services. You’ll also find a nice introduction to Xcode bots, the new “official” solution. I hope the book will be amended (maybe a new edition?) if Apple keeps on significantly updating Xcode on that side. For now, it’s simply the best book you can find on the subject.

By Séraphin Hochart, on September 27, 2014 (⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑)

Apple's missing doc about deployment

After reading it and going over the tutorials, that book is the modern missing documentation for testing and app deployment outside the AppStore (automated builds and distribution for various platforms). Lots of cool stuff to know about automating that repetitive and long process in less than 200 pages.