Romain Pouclet

Making new friends with Glitch and Workflow

Every attendee at the San Francisco DroidCon was wearing a badge with their contact information available as a QRCode. This is super convenient when you meet someone with whom you want to follow-up in the future. Buddybuild had a booth, and we met a lot of cool people.

I made an Android app for Buddybuild

I bought a Nexus S a few years ago. It was a more than decent upgrade from my Blackberry Bold and I used it for a year. I even started dabbling with mobile development before moving to Montréal. Last week, I made an application for Android.

Synchronizing colours from an Xcode project to a Sketch document

Batman is an application that lets you create tasks in Asana. Each task belongs to at least one project. You can associate a project to a colour from a finite list. When I dabbled with Sketch to decide on a design for Batman, I needed those colours.

Introducing Batman

We use Asana at buddybuild and I like it. Asana is a lot like Trello but gives you the ability to reference tasks across projects. There is an official client for iOS, but I wanted something dedicated to creating tasks. That’s why I made Batman.

Make your testers' lives easy and handle errors

Let me know if this sounds familiar: your QA engineer just installed a fresh version of your application. 2 minutes in, you already got your first issue reported: they’re stuck because nothing happens when they press the login button. They’re literally stuck at the entrance of your app and they can’t do their work until you send them another build fixing this issue. That also means stopping whatever you were doing.