Writing a commit message with Swift

Git commits characters waiting in line to ride a roller coaster

In a previous blog post, we covered how to define a custom editor to write your commit messages in. The example was deliberately simple and static, but we covered that an editor could be practically anything. Why not create our own editor in Swift then?

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Using a custom editor with Git

I already mentioned this tiny side project that I’ve been playing with a couple of time before. I learned a lot while working on it, so I realized I could share some of this knowledge around here. Let’s start with customizing the editor to use to write a commit message. This is probably obvious, but most of this blog post will talk about running git commands from your shell. If you’re not a command line user and prefer using some tool like Fork or Tower don’t be scared, it should be quite easy to follow.

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Using swift-format from a docker container

Docker and Swift logos

There is a tiny command line tool as part of the Swift toolchains called swift-format. It’s still a work in progress, but a few days ago I wanted to try it on an existing project, for fun. It’s very simple to use, as the documentation suggests:

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How to archive a macOS application containing multiple targets

I recently reached a point with Commitment where I’m actually using it daily, which both feels great and terrible. Great because, well, it’s my own app, and terrible because I see all the quirks I need to fix. The last two sessions of work have been spent setting up Sparkle to auto-update the app. As I’m learning (and struggling) quite a bit, I figured I should write about it.

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A funny thing happened on the way to this commit message

A few years ago, I was working on a backend application that created a lot of temporary files. In an attempt to add a command to remove those files automatically, I created a script that removed everything… including itself. As I’m writing this, I’m pretty proud to announce that I outdid myself.

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