ReactiveCocoa is one of my favorite tools to work with. As I was looking for projects using RAC for inspiration, I realized I was probably not the only one. That’s what I made raccurated, a curated list of projects. If you’re curious, I wrote about it on my blog.


I help organize the monthly CocoaHeads meet up in Montreal. I’ve also given a few talks there about subjects like ReactiveCocoa, Testing or Automatic deployment. If you’re around, don’t hesitate to stop by! You’ll find the details about the next meetup on our website.

I also organize the Saturday Project Side where people meet every month to work on project that have been postponed for too long.


When I work, I love having Netflix in the background showing my favourite Doctor Who episodes. As it was taking a while before I could actually stark working, I made an iOS application to suggest me episodes to watch again. The application is open-source and uses, of course, ReactiveCocoa.

Continuous Integration for iOS

In 2014, I had the great opportunity to write one the first book dedicated to continuous integration for the iOS platform. To this day, Continuous Integration remains one of my favorite subjects to talk about.

Arduino button to nuke a folder

As much as I love working on the Apple platform, the beggining of Swift came with a few annoying issues requiring you to wipe your DerivedData folder, at least at first. Out of frustration and because I wanted to learn how to build something with Arduino, my good friend Angelo and I built a physical button to wipe the DerivedData folder everytime it’s pressed. I wrote about it here and there is a video of the button in action. Trust me, it’s pretty impressive.